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Смелый Булавочкин жив и здоров. К новым походам профессор готов!
Почти Колумбайн, а?
Шестилетний детсадовец запугал других детей и водителя автобуса лего-винтовкой.

In this modern age of domestic terrorism and paranoia, sometimes all it takes is a single word to send everyone into a panic. In the case of a 6 year old boy from Massachusetts, that word was “gun.” During a morning trip to Old Mill Pond Elementary, the kindergartner pulled out a quarter-sized LEGO minifigure rifle in front of the other students. The other children began to panic, rousing the concern of the bus driver, who immediately slammed on the brakes.

Although the boy obviously did not face any legal repercussions, he was given detention and ordered to write an official apology to the driver and all the children on the bus. The mother of the boy declared the school “overreacted” and that the toy did not pose a threat of any kind. The bus driver, however, stated that several of the children were still in shock and the ordeal was quite disruptive.

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Драгоценный камень. Экс-немезиец. Просто человек.
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