Смелый Булавочкин жив и здоров. К новым походам профессор готов!

Now I just came across this HPL-related podcast (which apparently runs for years already) and it's wonderful.
The show is made by Chris Lackey (associate producer of "The Whisperer in Darkness") and Chad Fifer, and also features guest hosts and readers, among them Andrew Leman, who is one of the fine men behind the perfect HPLHS films and has the silkiest, velvetest and sweetest reading voice I heard in years. His reading all these creepy lovecraftian descriptions of unknown lurking terrors galvanizes me in the most unspeakable ways, honestly.
Every episode concentrates on one of Lovecraft's stories (or sometimes a story by another author in some way related to HPL). The story's being summarised, quoted, discussed, critisized or/and praised, plus you learn lots of cool facts concerning the story. They do the stories in chronological order, which is particulary good for understanding HPL's course of work and life.
It's interesting, and funny, and all. Go check it out!

You may also find and download the episodes on podbay

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